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Impera Services & Co.

With Specialization, Quality and Speed, we promote our culture of diversity and inclusion.



Professional Search

When talking about the numbers


Our strong experience recruiting more than 220 C-suite positions is the best warantee. We are connected to the highest level of talent in the world; providing our partners a exclusively access to the top talent

We provide the most up-to-date market intelligence to our clients resulting from our multiple searching processes.

We assign a specialized consultant who, with exclusive dedication, will keep the client permanently informed about each part of the process.

Recruit the highest technical positions with the most complex specifications is our passion.

The expertise of our headhunters in every sector, our methodology and experience with the most important international companies, make us a leaders in the technical talent market.

We ensure the right FIT between the candidate, the position, the leadership style of the manager, the team dynamics and the corporate culture. All aligned to the candidate's expectations.

Through the RPO model we become an extension of the HR talent team

We taking care of our clients' processes. Creating a tailored suit according to the needs of the business, positively impacting the operation through methodological dynamism.

We assign a flexible team, specialized in the industry & designed to solve the operational requeriments of our clients.

This model is design at a large volume of vacancies of different specializations kinds.

Impera Differentiators

Executive report for each candidate presented

Market intelligence delivery by position

Training for HR and Managers at no cost

Personalized advice 24/7

The technical experience of our headhunters is the main guarantee of quality

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